Day: May 14, 2015

Sarvodaya – Nepalis helping Nepalis

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Sarvodaya was already working hard in Nepal before the earthquake; now they have stepped up even more!

Here’s an article about the work that Sarvodaya and their partner, Teach for Nepal are doing in rural Nepal.

Indian Organization Serves Up Hope to Nepal

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At the request of the Prime Minister of India, Akshaya Patra is participating in India’s efforts to provide emergency aid to neighboring Nepal, which suffered a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25th, 2015 and a second 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday morning.  Akshaya Patra, with the support of the TATA Foundation for the capital expense, is building a field kitchen facility in Nepal to sustain emergency meal distribution efforts. This is being done on an expedited basis and when complete will allow us to create up to 100,000 meals for Nepalese earthquake survivors daily.

On April 29th, Akshaya Patra prepared 100,000 meals of pooris, chana, makhana, pickles, biscuits, and cakes for survivors of the earthquake.   In addition, Akshaya Patra has sent 220 lbs of shakkar pari, 882 lbs of roasted chickpeas, and 220 lbs of individually packed units of jaggery, 4409 lbs of puffed rice.  With the kitchen being built now we will have a presence on the ground to make a huge difference in the humanitarian crisis.