About Us

Diwarkar & others at whole foodsDiwakar & Manoj at WFsAsmita and henna at dance

We are a group of concerned Nepali – Americans and U.S. born Americans who intend to raise funds to help the people of Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. Through engaging in a variety of fundraising activities including direct solicitation, dinners, cultural programs, silent auctions and more we hope to continually build revenue to donate for assisting Nepalis and rebuilding Nepal. We are sponsored by the International Open Friendship Taekwondo Championship and Non – Resident Nepali Association which are both non – profit organizations that work to foment positive international relationships and to uplift Nepal. The money we raise is given to Mercy Corps as well as donated directly to people in Nepal with the greatest needs. We would love you to join us in helping Nepal!

Here is a note from one of our committee members, Karen Blackledge:

I will be traveling to Nepal for the 7th time this November. With money from donations, we hope to help provide needed materials to those who are most severely affected. I think the help will be needed for a long, long time. My husband Mike and I are fortunate to have lived with so many wonderful families while in Nepal. They live in the Kathmandu area, which was the most severely affected. We have lived with the Maharjan family in Patan. While they are safe, many of the families & children we greeted each day have lost their homes. The original brick home of the Shrestha family in the village of Nala is gone, taking with it the family’s furniture business. We love these families as our own. We have stayed in nearby Banepa at the Metter Center Girls Orphanages. I intro-duced them to taekwondo. We call them our daughters, they call us Mom & Dad. I worry about all of them. Unfortunately, this tragic earthquake has created new orphans.

For more information or to get involved, use contact form here http://tinyurl.com/nuvb8sb.

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