DIY Fundraising


Everyone can do fundraising for Nepal. See below for a list of resources to get you started!


Bus - getting donations


Online Direct Contributions – evaluation of relief organizations from Charity Navigator (

Steps to use Charity Navigator:

  1. Read how Charity Navigator works: Charity Navigator chooses organizations based on certain criteria (tax status, length of operation, sources of revenue) then puts them into categories so donors can choose from a range of options. They rate each organization based on such rubrics as financial health, accountability, and transparency.
  2. Chose criteria for choosing organizations.
  3. Review organizations and select based on criteria.
  4. Be sure to designate where you want the money to go to when you donate.

Tips for Effective Fundraising:

Specific Links for Fundraising Ideas

  1. Penny Drive Challenge: (
  2. Next Generation Nepal:( – Night in Nepal, Fashion Show, Auction of Promises, Give as a Company
  3. Third Eye Foundation ( a long list of fundraising ideas
  4. Foundation Nepal: ( ideas for fundraising at work, school, community
  5. Fundraising ideas – DIY ( wide range of ideas


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